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About me

Hey y’all! Erin Poltorak here.  Personal Branding Photography is my specialty along with boutique mini-sessions. My passion for photography goes all way back to middle school. You never wanted to go to a school dance with me because I ended the night with a least 4-5 rolls of film taken (raise your hand if you remember what film was!).

I am a solopreneaur, a life-long learn has made me an online course junkie and a carb lover (bring on the breadsticks). As a solopreneaur my goal is to work with new entrepreneurs and small businesses/non-profits to lift their personal authentic brand to further their own success. I believe in community over competitions. I believe authentic business strategies are what will help set businesses up for success.

Community service has been crucial in my personal growth and lifelong learning. I have been a Jaycee (Junior Chamber) member for 7 years and spend significant time working with businesses and community members in my surrounding area. Through the Jaycees I have helped provide family events and professional opportunities for young professionals.

I enjoy taking photos of my two crazy boys and helping other MomTogs capture their families. When I’m not taking photographs or chasing toddlers I can be found reading self-development and leadership books at the lake.

Things That Make Me Happy